A showcase of works by emerging artists, designers, coders, makers, hackers, educators, and thinkers — graduates from the MFA Design and Technology and BFA Art Media and Technology programs at Parsons Paris. May 19-21, Galerie 24b, Paris.


BFA Art, Media and Technology


The Quick Return Mechanism converts rotary motions into reciprocating motions.

The forward reciprocating motion, triggered by a motor, occurs at a slower rate than the return stroke. Arm and disk, dependently running at different rates, activate the movement of two lenticular sheets that generate moiré patterns through their offset. Crucial, yet completely invisible to the eye, the motor takes on the role of catalyst in the piece. Although the lenticular sheets are the source of the illusion, the mathematical principles that cause it are made visible through the movement of the motor. The fleeting visualisation of the oscillating sine waves created through the opposing moiré pattern, underlines the essential notion that the mechanical movement is here used for itself and not to a further end.

Here, the spectator is invited to either walk around the installation and become another variable in the equation for other viewers or experience its ever-changing appearance from a static position. Bearing in mind that one’s experience of the installation is unique, the spectator is constantly reminded that the seeing mind is not a constant. Perpetually juggling between cause and effect, the scientific precision of kinematics is challenged by the evanescing variables. Through infinite combinations, the piece becomes ephemeral. Its inconsistency is constant.

Thesis Advisors: Stephanie Nadalo, Bridget O’Rourke, Evan Roth