A showcase of works by emerging artists, designers, coders, makers, hackers, educators, and thinkers — graduates from the MFA Design and Technology and BFA Art Media and Technology programs at Parsons Paris. May 19-21, Galerie 24b, Paris.


MFA Design and Technology


Since the introduction of drum machines and sequencers, digital rhythms have surpassed what is physically possible. Drummers can no longer express themselves in the digital age. The drum machine has never belonged to the drummer; it belongs to the songwriter.

Shred is made of recycled audio components. The software and hardware work together in order to allow for new means of rhythmical expression.

Shred gives the drummer control over digital grooves that otherwise could only be produced via a drum machine and a hi-fi system.

Shred is a performance tool.

Shred is an educational tool.

Shred is a drummer’s loop pedal, and an echo/delay unit.

Shred is an analogue output for a digital input.

Shred allows musicians to collaborate without the constraints of physical proximity.

Shred is designed to be produced in any workshop, even with limited materials.

The drum kit has remained unchanged since its development at the turn of the 20th century. Shred aims to fast track the digital evolution of the acoustic drum kit while also allowing for new means of experimentation, ideally resulting in the invention of new musical styles.


Thesis Advisors: Alessandro Ludovico, Evan Roth, Chris Sugrue
Credits: Special thanks to Benjamin Gaulon for technical support and advising.