A showcase of works by emerging artists, designers, coders, makers, hackers, educators, and thinkers — graduates from the MFA Design and Technology and BFA Art Media and Technology programs at Parsons Paris. May 19-21, Galerie 24b, Paris.


BFA Art, Media and Technology


Nightmares have this Draculinian aura to them they revolve around the phantoms that hide within the nooks and crannies of our subconscious minds, rarely revealing themselves to us. As haunting as the nightmares may seem, there is a unique romanticism attached to them.

My senior thesis piece, Amaranthine, explores the lightness & beauty that can be found within the dream realm, drawing from a chapter I wrote, based on the story of a reoccurring nightmare I’ve experienced since the age of eleven. The piece explores how to capture the lifeline of the dream with the use of organic materials that decompose symbolizing its decay, in addition to retelling the story using traditional and contemporary art mediums including animation, illustrations, film shot techniques, projections, sound & lighting effects. Each facet comes together to create this unique cinematic experience of an instillation with animations projected onto decaying materials found within this fantastical design.

The work juxtaposes the intangible with the tangible interlacing them together to create a visual narrative. As the story unfolds the audience is left with a dark romantic story that has allowed them to perhaps feel something they had once felt whilst asleep in the midst of the night.


Thesis Advisors: Stephanie Nadalo, Bridget O’Rourke, Evan Roth