A showcase of works by emerging artists, designers, coders, makers, hackers, educators, and thinkers — graduates from the MFA Design and Technology and BFA Art Media and Technology programs at Parsons Paris. May 19-21, Galerie 24b, Paris.


MFA Design and Technology


A one person virtual reality installation that explores the visceral and intangible definition of home. Home, defined in a traditional sense is ‘one’s place of residence, a familiar or usual setting or a place of origin,’ which has a overtone to be belonged or associated with a fixed place. We cannot represent the complexity of ourselves as a captured moment in a single frame and so as our home cannot be defined only by a specific place. Home should not be understood as static or physical structure defined by location but collective of experiences and memories of places embedded in each person’s borderless perceptual space. A virtual journey displaces reality by interchanging live and recorded footage of places the artists feels strong attachment to, suggesting a new perception of home.


Thesis Advisors: Alessandro Ludovico, Evan Roth, Chris Sugrue